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Services & Equipment

We transport approximately 150-175 horses a year. We have never had to call a vet while en route and we are 100% accident free. In 2016, we had 0 cancellations. Your horses’ safety and well being is our main concern. This means that you and your horse will have our undivided attention at all times. We provide status updates via email & phone while the truck is en route. You will always know how your horse is and when to expect the driver to arrive.


Did you know that it is illegal to transport horses for hire without a current USDOT# and the proper commercial insurance?

We are USDOT/FMCSA & PA Public Utility Commission compliant; therefore, we are legally approved to transport your horses & livestock for hire. Our USDOT# is 1854062 and our MC# is 830677. You may check our credentials on the FMCSA SAFER System by clicking here.

We provide mortality liability insurance (up to $5000 per horse) while the horse(s) are on our trailer. Additional information in regards to insurance & licensing will be forwarded to the customer when booking arrangements have been made.

Stall Size

We can haul up to 6 horses on local transports. For long distance transports, the maximum amount of horses we transport is 3.

We use an Adam 6 Horse Slant Load which has following features:

We also have a 2 horse trailer for local transports with 1-2 horses.

For long distance transports, each horse will travel in an 8′ x 6.5′ stall, which twice the amount of room as a typical slant load or standing stall. This configuration allows the horses to travel untied, which is excellent for long distance transports, young horses, horses that do not travel often, and miniatures. Transporting horses this way reduces stress and allows the driver to have a “hands-on” experience with the horse.


Rest Stops

While en route, we stop every 3-4 hours to rest for approximately a half hour. At this time we physically inspect the horses, and replenish hay and water.

For longer trips, we utilize various layover facilities so the horses can get off the trailer, stretch their legs, get a good nights’ rest.

Typically, we will know prior to the trip when/where we will layover. The arrangements will be discussed with the customer beforehand.


There is plenty of room for your horse’s tack. Please tell us what you would like to send and we will factor it into the quote.

Free choice hay and water are available at all times. We ask that you provide enough hay for the duration of your horse’s trip to prevent stomach upset. Water and bedding is included at no additional cost.

We require that you provide a halter and lead rope for your horse – Break Away halters are preferred.

We are happy to accommodate any special needs your horse has, simply let us know while booking your transport.